Java multithreading - Noodle Gourmet edition

It’s the night before my Software Methodology exam, Vicki and I are hungry and decided to order food from Noodle Gourmet…and I think I am having too much fun learning how thread synchronization works in Java.

(For those of you who don’t know me: Vicki is my flatmate and partner in crime, and I detest all seafood hahaha)

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the magic of "space"

This picture of a Shinto shrine reminds me of a passage from Ashin’s book “Escape to Japan” — architecture and space from the point of view of an interior designs major. I really think this was the main reason why for a while, I wanted to become an interior designer or architect…until I realized that I didn’t have an art portfolio or the necessary math/physics skills required for those majors. Haha :P

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